King Bros has been a family run business since the first brothers, Russell and Kenneth King,  bought  the Feed  Mill in 1956 during a sheriff's sale.  Originally a Feed and Supply Store, the company supplied feed, coal, lime, and bagged fertilizer.  A railroad track fran directly beside the property and supplies were brought in by rail.


In 1958 Marlene Reibel married  Russell King and joined her husband working for the company.  In 1962, Russell and Marlene bought Kenneth and his wife's share of the company, and  became the sole owners of King Bros. Feed & Supply.


It was also during this time, in 1962, that Russell and Marlene decided to expand the company  into the Ready Mix Concrete business, due to supply and demand of building materials in the surrounding area.


In the late 60s, King Bros began the development of two car washes.  The first in Bristolville Township, and the second in East Orwell.


Starting in the early 70s the King Bros. expanded into septic installation and excavation.  Over the years, King Bros. has become the most knowledgeable and experienced installer in Trumbull County.


In 1982, the company expanded once again in the bulk fertilizer business, and the selling of fuel oil and adding a more modern tipple for concrete batching. Although King Bros. had always delivered driveway material, the variety of aggregates had grown with the company.  King customers especially appreciated the service of having their material tailgated at no extra charge.  Storage units were also built and brought into the company giving local residents the convenience of not having to travel out of the community to store their belongings.


1985 was a tragic year for the King Bros.  In December, Russell King died of a massive heart attack. Through the years, Marlene and Russ had become an amazing team along with the help of their staff.  They enjoyed serving their customers and working with their employees.  Through this difficult time, there were many offers to buy the family business, but Marlene stood strong in her decision to continue what she and Russell had started.  The King family was supported by the staff, many of whom still work for King Bros. today.  Rex, the youngest son, stepped into the huge shoes that his father had left behind at the age of 19.


In 1986, King Bros incorporated a hardware store into its franchise.  In 1988, Rex married Sis Bates and together they continued the family tradition, later bringing their two boys into the company.


Having a hard work mentality, starting usually before sunrise until after dark, and believing in the rewards that good customer service can bring, King Bros has grown throughout the years, and continues to be successful into the future.  The business has expanded over the years from the original Feed and Supply Store, to additional Excavation, Ready Mix Concrete, Hardware and Building Supplies, Storage, and Septic.  For the past 60 years, King Bros. has carried many titles and through it all, we have been supported by local communities. The company started with one employee and now employs around thirty, all of which greets our customers with a smile. We don't believe in sub contracting our work out, King Bros. has literally hundreds of years of experience combined.


We are proud of what we do and that's why our company's name is King Bros.  Over the years we have built friendships along with new homes, we have said goodbye to old friends and look forward to meeting new friends. King Bros. deems it's success to many long hard working hours, dedicated employee's and community support, and for that we say "THANK—YOU"